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about me

About me

I was born in Oberhausen in 1967, live and work in Dinslaken, Germany


In 2006 I discovered my passion for clay at a raku workshop.


By attending courses, workshops in Germany and the Netherlands, studying books, as well as using the web and a lot of "learning by doing", I have acquired the know how about many techniques for creating ceramics.


I work in slab technique and in moulds, whereby I usually redesign the resulting form. I also use the build-up and hollowing technique. I create a wide variety of sculptures, cans, bowls and busts, mostly in raku or low-firing techniques. All objects are unique.

What fascinates me is "the way to get there". It is the freedom of the design, the mental examination of which technique is best to create the desired form. The pushing of the limits of the clay, the careful drying, the colour design, the meditative effect of glazing. The adrenaline rush of clearing out the glowing objects at 1000 °C and then lighting a fire in wood shavings. The control over the right timing and, not to forget, the tense anticipation of finally opening the lid, like when you were a child, just before opening the Christmas presents ...and in the end (perhaps :) the feeling of satisfaction.

In 2010, I opened the ceramic workshop "1050°C" in Dinslaken. Since then I have been happy to pass on my knowledge in courses.




Raku is the name of a Japanese pottery dynasty, after whose name a firing technique used in tea ceremonies as early as the 16th century was named. With this firing technique you have the opportunity to accompany the ceramic from shaping by hand (indoor) to firing in the fire (outdoor)!

Within an hour, the gas oven is heated to around 1000 degrees, after which the glaze has melted and the red-hot ceramics are removed with long tongs. The glaze cracks as a result of the temperature shock, which can be heard with a soft "pling. pling". At this moment, the workpiece is placed in a container with organic fuel (sawdust, leaves, straw). The contact creates a fire, which is now sealed airtight so that the smoke colors the clay black in the unglazed areas and in the glaze cracks. This creates a very attractive graquelé mesh. After about half an hour, the workpiece is removed, scrubbed clean and the work of art is complete!


All classes are fully booked for now. When there is an available spot, I will mention on the website. Thanks for your interest!



Telephone: +49 (0) 206459555


Petra Tepass

1050°C Keramik-Werkstatt

In den Gärten 2b, 46535 Dinslaken, Germany

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